Community Vision: Promoting Financial Stability & Independence

   Our Goal for Income  . . .                      
   To improve the Well Being Index of      
   our community and help families and  
   individuals move into financial             

Focus:   Family Sustaining Education & Employment

                Income Supports

                Affordable Housing

                Savings & Manageable Expenses


Catawba County United Way wants to reduce the number of financially unstable families in our community.

Financial stability is more than just earning money. It's about saving for the future.  It's about planning ahead for a disaster and having peace of mind.

Too many households in our community are financially unstable.  Helping others learn how to reduce debt, build savings, budget their income and enhance job skills is just one step in breaking the cycle of poverty.  When people are financially stable, it allows them to make financial decisions that benefit their families and themselves, which, in turn benefits the community.  being financially stable also pus families in a better position to handle crisis - job loss, illness and other unforeseen expenses.  Helping people learn how to manage their finances means a more stable community for all of us.