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Catawba County United Way
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United Way’s Mission

The MISSION of Catawba County United Way is to increase the organized capacity of people to help others by mobilizing the caring power of our community.

VISION: The vision of the Catawba County United Way is to be the most effective and efficient organization that identifies and prioritizes the greatest unmet human needs in the community, focuses human compassion, and mobilizes resources to meet those needs.

United Way’s Targeted Community Priorities:
  • Health - improving people's health
  • Education - helping children and youth achieve their potential
  • Income - promoting financial stability and independence


    United Way’s Policy against Coercion
    Fundraising should always be conducted in a voluntary manner; coercion creates animosity, hinders communication and understanding, and eventually leads to decreased support. We discourage the practice of seeking 100% participation in a campaign, as that may inadvertently encourage coercion.
    To underscore our conviction about this policy, United Way Worldwide's Board of Governors adopted the following policy statement:
    The Board of Governors of United Way Worldwide believes that the most responsive contributors are those who have the opportunity to become informed and involved. A well-planned campaign with an effective communications program, conducted by committed volunteers, will ensure responsible contributors. While we have always been unalterably opposed to coercion, we do recognize a responsibility to state our beliefs formally, as freedom of choice is a basic tenet of our democratic society.
    Giving is a personal matter and decision: no form of coercion is acceptable to United Way Worldwide.
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